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My Race Car For 1998

My Race Car For 1998 (also raced 95-96)

Fiberglass 1988 Thunderbird body with 1973 Torino Frame, 2nd in points at Roseburg in Sportsman 1996; 5th in points Coos Bay 1995.

My Race Car For 1998

Photo when first built in 1995!

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Racing Photo 1998Racing Photo 1998Racing Photo 1998Racing Photo 1998Racing Photo 1998

My race results for 1998!

April 19th
Heat Race: 1stTrophy Dash: 4thA Main: 9th
Car count: 33A Main car count: 20
Track Conditions: Dry, real dusty, and rough.
Mail Tribune April 20th Archives
May 2nd
Heat Race: 6thB Main: Got hit & broke tie rodA Main: 13th
Car count: 40B Main car count: 23A Main car count: 22
Track Conditions: Tacky, no dust, a little rough, middle groove seemed to be the fastest.
Notes: I used a provisional to start the A Main.
Mail Tribune May 3rd Archives
May 23rd
Heat Race: No heat races, to save time.A Main: 7th
Track Conditions: Muddy, real rough, outside seemed to be smoothest and fastest.
Notes: Because of the threat of rain and a Modified race that they wanted to be sure to complete, we did not have heat races. We were lined up by point standings, with the top 16 going straight to the A Main.(I was 9th in points) There was a lot of mud flying off of the track and my windshield in my truck got hit and broken.(in the pits)
Mail Tribune May 25th Archives
June 6th
Heat Race: Flat tire.B Main: 6thA Main: 18th
Car count: 45A Main car count: 25
Track Conditions: Dry-slick, dusty, and fairly smooth.
Notes: I got a flat in the heat race and finished 3 laps down. I used a provisional to start the A Main. I was running in 8th or 9th in the A Main until I spun out and got hit, I was able to keep going but did not finish very well.
Mail Tribune June 8th Archives
June 8th
Heat Race: 8thB Main: 8thA Main: Did not race
Track Conditions: Fairly smooth and not much dust.
Notes: I spun out in the heat race. I could not use a provisional because it was a special race.(not a points race)
Mail Tribune June 9th Archives
June 13th
Heat Race: 4thA Main: 7th
Track Conditions: Smooth, packed good, no dust not much mud.
June 27th
Heat Race: 3rdCar count: 45A Main: 9th
Track Conditions: Packed good, no dust not much mud once it got packed in.
July 4th
Heat Race: 6thC Main: 10thA Main: 8th
Car count: 52
Track Conditions: Big ruts, especially bad was coming out of turn 2.
Notes: I used a provisional to start the A Main, (I was 7th in points). They watered the track right before the C Main, turn 3 and 4 were real slick during the C Main and the sun was in my eyes coming out of turn 2 which made it hard to pass anyone.
July 11th
Heat Race: 3rdCar count: 40A Main: 7th
Track Conditions: Dry-slick, fairly smooth, and a little dusty.
Notes: I am 6th in points.
Mail Tribune July 12th Archives
July 18th
Heat Race: 5thB Main: 4thA Main: 15th
Car count: 44
Track Conditions: Tacky and smooth.
Notes: I am 5th in points.
August 8th
Heat Race: 8thC Main: 2ndA Main: Did not race.
Car count: 48B Main: 8th
Track Conditions: Dry in spots and had a few big pot holes in the corners.
Notes: I got in a wreck in the heat race and broke the pitman arm ball joint. I did not have another one with me so I drove all the way home to get one. (it took a little over an hour round trip) I made it back before the start of the C main and thanks to the help of Mike Petray's pit crew (#43 Pro Stock), I was able to get it fixed before the C main started. I did not make the A main because I am out of provisionals. (I was 6th in points, probably around 10th now).
August 15th
Heat Race: 6thB Main: 6thA Main: Did not race.
Car count: 44
Track Conditions: Wet and slick in the heat race and dry-slick in the main events.
Notes: I was in 3rd place in the heat race until I spun out. I started in the back of the B main and finished 6th.
August 22nd
Heat Race: No heat races.A Main: 12th
Track Conditions: Tacky, smooth, and fast.
Notes: We had a thunder storm right before our heat races and it rained hard for about 1/2 an hour. We had about a 2 hour delay to get the track dried out, so they cancelled our heat races. The top 16 in points went straight to the A Main. (I was 11th in points) The rest had to run in 1 of 2 qualifying Mains, the top 3 from each went to the A Main.
August 29th
Heat Race: 1stC Main: 3rd1st A Main: 9th
Car count: 44B Main: Flat tire.2nd A Main: 4th
Track Conditions: Dry-slick and dusty.
Notes: It was a special night for the Pro Stocks, we had time trials and had twin 25 lap A Mains. I did bad in the time trials and had to start in the C Main. I was running 3rd or 4th in the B Main and got a flat tire and did not finish. They allowed provisionals for the top 20 in points to start the A Main. I started in 22nd place in the first A Main and finished 9th. They did a complete invert of the finish of the first A Main to start the second A Main and I finished 4th.
September 5th
Heat Race: Spun out.C Main: 3rdA Main: Did not race.
Car count: 41B Main: Blew radiator hose.
September 12th
Heat Race: 6thB Main: 8thA Main: Did not race.
Car count: 52
Track Conditions: Muddy mess to start with, then tacky, and mostly smooth except in turn 1.
Notes: We did not start racing until 8:30 or 9:00 because they were trying to get the track fixed, because they had put way too much water on it. I was running in 4th place in the B Main and got held up by some slower traffic and got passed, and on the last lap I spun and hit a tire and lost a couple more positions. I ended up 13th in A Main points and 12th in B Main points for the season. I did not race the final race scheduled for September 19th.(went to sisters wedding)

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